Friday, August 31, 2012

Go Aggies, Go Aggies, Hey! Hey! Hey!

first off, i want to say thank you to everyone for all the positive feedback on my blog. when i originally started this blog i only did it because my boss said it would be good for me. i never really expected anyone to read it - let alone actually be inspired by it.  the kind words have honestly been so incredible and i cannot be more thankful/grateful for the amazing support system i have. i couldn't do it without you guys. THANK YOU. 

as many of you know already, yesterday was Utah State's first football game. it was such a blast to perform again! when i took the spring semester/summer off of dancing and performing i wouldn't let myself miss it. but now being back i don't know how i ever took time off. dancing is such a passion of mine and being able to perform in front of thousands and cheer on my Aggies is just the icing on the cake.

here are just a couple of pictures from the game :)

me and sam :) seriously love that girl!

me and caisha 

and finally me and my freshman girls (kirany and whitnee) - we were all so excited for the game! ♥

it was an awesome game against SUU and Aggies pulled away with a huge win! 34 - 3! now lets just bring that to the field next week when we play the Utes!

prior to the game i got in a little workout with my older brother marcus. i absolutely LOVE having him up in logan with me. and, i love going to the gym with a workout buddy so that is fun too. :) we did GPP's workout of the day - which happened to be one of my favorites! i always love a good ab and shoulder workout which is exactly what this one was!

one of the reasons i love this workout so much is because i can feel the difference from when i did this workout for the first time and now. i could barely BARELY rx this workout the first time i did it. and now, it wasn't much of a problem. i mean yes, it was still difficult but i could FEEL that my muscles were stronger and more capable of doing the movement with the recommended weight. that is what i love about GPP. you go back to workouts that you struggled with at one point and then after continuous hard work and doing GPP workouts everyday you soon find that you CAN conquer the workout. it is such a feeling of accomplishment. i love it. :)

me and my awesome brother marcus! doesn't he look stoked to be having me take pictures while we are working out? haha

legs straight out on our OH presses!

i am definitely feeling sore today and i am lovin it!

after my workout i was STARVING. so, i decided to make a chicken lettuce wrap. sooo delicious!

i just mixed up some canned chicken(tuna would work too - i just don't like it) with about a tablespoon of light mayo, a little cheese, and some sweet peppers.

then i added some lettuce to a whole wheat tortilla and put my chicken mixture right on top. i rolled it up into a wrap and it hit the spot! i got some veggies in, protein and whole grains. overall a great meal and to make it even better it is fast and easy!

this weekend i am back home for my family pictures. but, the part that i am most excited for about being home isn't about the free food or laundry. it is that i get to go in and work at GPP in the morning! man i miss that place! i love it there :) i can't wait. 

well, that is all for tonight. sorry it is a kind of disheveled and un-organized post - i just wanted to get everything in! have a great weekend everyone!

lil kate ♥

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The "Funk"

okay, so today i was reading the comments on GPP's website and there were a lot of people saying they were in a bad-food "funk".  i was loving reading everyone's post because for the past couple of days i have been feeling the same way!  i am constantly craving something sweet and delicious. and no, fruit isn't doing the trick! not even triscuts and greek yogurt are hitting the spot! so, today i said i was going to start over and eat clean for a couple of days to snap out of it.

well, i have done good so far - but now it is 7 o'clock at night and my mouth is watering writing this post. why?!

today i was racking my brain trying to think about when i go into "funks" and what the cause was for me personally.  i have come to the conclusion that i go into these "funks" as soon as i start not thinking about what i am eating - not being conscience about what i am putting in my mouth. because, as soon as i stop thinking about it i am shoveling a lot of unhealthy deliciousness in my mouth and then the cravings begin again and that is all i can think about!  but, i am all about moderation.  you will never hear me say i don't eat junk food.  because that would be a lie. i do, but i try to monitor it so that i don't go into these "funks". now, i have almost made it through day one of clean eating - getting those cravings back under control. i CAN do it.

i started my day out right with one of the premier protein shakes.  i cannot tell you how much i LOVE these. it is an easy and fast breakfast choice. not a hard decision there.

then, for my afternoon snack i tried to satisfy that sugar craving with greek yogurt w/ apples cut up in it. it did the trick! woot woot!

sadly now i am out of greek yogurt. i go through that stuff way too fast!

i was actually pretty excited for my dinner tonight because i haven't had these in awhile.  Jennie-O turkey burgers!

i love these things! they are like heaven in a box :)

these stats aren't bad either! only 200 calories and 16g of protein. i'll take that any day!

now when i make these i don't put them on buns. in fact, i just put some seasoning on it (tonight it was salt and lemon pepper) and put it on the frying pan. then, like tonight i serve it up with some steamed veggies and dip it in a little bit of BBQ sauce. it is delicious!

anyone else feeling the "funk" going around?  what is your cause?

have a good night and for all of you trying to get out of the "funk" as well - good luck with the clean eating!

lil kate ♥

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

fit is not a destination

so today while i was aimlessly combing through pinterest in between classes i came across this quote: "fit is NOT a destination. it is a WAY OF LIFE."  i absolutely love this. this is something that i think a lot of people overlook and forget about.  i have noticed so many times in a gym setting that people are looking to reach a destination.  but, what they really need to realize that it is a lifestyle change that will need to happen for them to completely turn their life around and live a fit and healthy life.

this is something that i, too need to remember. i need to be continuously striving to live a healthy lifestyle. i need to continue to make good food choices, and decide to push myself in my workouts (which i am realizing is much harder to push myself when i am working out by myself. - anyone else?). and most importantly i need to keep making goals and working to achieve them, so that i can live a fit lifestyle.  if i just make one or two goals i will easily accomplish them and be at a stand still- a DESTINATION.

Wise Words

find your way of life :)

lil kate♥

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why I do, what I do

hey guys! sorry i haven't posted in a couple of days! life kinda got in the way! i promise i will get better! today i am going to tell you a little about the past couple of days and explain to you why i do what i do :) 

i am often times asked why i have chosen to be a trainer. it is almost as if my job is underestimated and overlooked.  but, i believe my job to be one of the most important jobs out there.  and, i love it! in fact, i have a burning passion for it.  not everyone gets to really love their job and have fun at their job every single day like i do.  and, being able to stay in workout clothes all day is also pretty awesome ;)

but, my reasoning goes far beyond all of that.  i have decided that i want to train people - because i want the HELP people. i want to be inspired by peoples progress and growth. i want people to be happy and confident all the time! when people are overweight they aren't happy.  it is an obvious observation and a proven fact. i want people to be able to rise to their full potential and live a full and active life.

my very wise boss Neil Anderson has told me time and time again, that when the majority of people come into a gym it isn't for that "six pack abs" or to have that "rock hard body".  they come for reasons like having their significant other "look at them that way again" or to be able to play catch with their kids, or even to be around long enough to see their children grow up.that is what motivates them to come to the gym each and every day.  my job is to help them get those things that they want.  it is the most rewarding feeling to be able to see people grasping their goals that they have worked so incredibly hard for.

i first off want to say how incredibly grateful i am for GPP.  the trainers at there have taught me everything i know and have given me so many amazing experiences.  they have never acted as if i was too young to be involved and are always willing to answer every single one of my countless questions.  the people there are the cream of the crop. i have never met a more inspiring group of people in my life.  they are all so motivating and they are always improving and accomplishing the most amazing things. i want to be inspired each and everyday.  there has never been a day while working at GPP that i haven't been inspired by someone for some reason.  there are days where i am so sore and don't want to work out, but then i see the same people that did the same workout i did the day before pushing through their workout, and at that moment i know i can do it too.  this past summer i was incredibly inspired by a cute couple around the age of 50 that i was  able to watch train and complete an ironman together. they both struggled and vigorously trained for a year and was able to cross that finish line hearing the words "you are now an IRONMAN!" (you just got the chills didn't you? - me too :)) i am so proud of those two!  my heart is just full of happiness when i think about them and all that they accomplished.  i love being able to watch peoples progress and be able to see them do things they never thought possible.


my boss has this quote that i absolutely love:

i love this because i know every single person can read this and understand/relate to it.  it is so simple. cut and dry.  "You only have ONE body" is my favorite line. i am here to help people LIVE WELL in their ONE body. 

friday at practice i was so inspired by the amazing progress that my team has made in just the past two and a half weeks. the first day of practice i gave them the "fitzoner" workout and it about killed them. lots of people were throwing up and couldn't finish. the first go around i only had about 7-8 people finish the entire workout including me.  well, on friday i gave them the same workout and almost everyone finished, or improved their times by a minute or more. and no puking!  it was seriously so awesome! it was one of those moments when i knew i was doing a good job and i knew that i had chosen the right job for me.  i love watching people succeed and improve.  it is the most rewarding feeling EVER. afterwards i could tell that the team was proud of themselves too.  it was the best :)

here are just a few of the stats after the workout on friday:
Julia: DNF first time - 19:00rx the second time
Sam: 19:20rx the first time - 18:29rx the second time
Caleb: 18:02rx the first time - 16:15rx the second time
Kirany: DNF first time - 17:50rx the second time
Aubrie: 19:55rx first time - 19:05rx the second time
Jordan: DNF (puking) - 15:45rx second time - WOW!
Shane: 16:10rx first time(puked as soon as he finished) - 15:30rx second time
Keeton: DNF - 18:43 second time
KC - DNF(puking) - 16:10rx second time

AMAZING right?!  i am seriously so proud of all of the hard work that they have done.  they have been so great with the workouts. 

 between friday and saturday i had to cheer at three womens volley ball games. it was fun and the team did great. i have missed dancing and cheering for my aggies! it is soooo good to be back :)


this is me and a couple of girls that i cheered with at the volleyball games.

the rest of my weekend consisted of A LOT of ISSA and meeting my new roomies!  while studying my ISSA at the student center i fueled my body with some apples and peanut butter. it is such a great snack! one of my favorites for sure :) - aside from triscuts and greek yogurt of course ;)

yummmm :) this such a great snack because it is pretty filling (due to the protein in the peanut butter) and then you are getting your fruit in your diet! it is also jammed pack with energy and a pretty cheap snack for us college students!

me and my new roomies! (from left to right: brightyn(junior), jeanne(graduate program), chelsie(senior), rachel(junior) and me(i am the baby! - sophomore)  it is going to be such a great year.

oh! and my older brother marcus moved up to logan yesterday! yayee! i am so excited to be living so close to him (he is only like 3 houses away) and to be able to see him everyday.  when  he got here i was also able to see my parents and little brother jason.  it was such a good day. :)

well, i hope you enjoyed this post and that everyone has a great weekend.  school starts again for me tomorrow and i cant wait! 
have a fabulous night.

lil kate ♥


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Goals :)

goal (noun): the result or achievement toward which effort is directed;aim; end.

goals. we all have them. we all make them. and we all achieve them. whether they be on a large or small scale, each and everyday we are accomplishing our goals.

i love setting goals, and i love the feeling of accomplishing them (it might have to do with the whole checklist thing - you know, crossing things off. ;)) but, it isn't just to cross them off my list - it is the feeling of accomplishment that comes afterwards. knowing that i tried my best and put forth a lot of effort to complete something that i wanted to complete.

one of my goals this summer was to work hard to earn all of the money i needed for my schooling. CHECK. my parents are always willing and very generous with helping me, but i am required to pay for my schooling on my own. sometimes i hate it and get jealous when i see kids doing whatever they want with their parents money - but then, i just have to step back and know that in the end i will be better off, and more appreciative of my schooling knowing that i was the one that paid for it myself. now this goal wasn't accomplished easily. i was working 14 hour workdays 5 days a week, and 3-5 hours on saturdays. i also picked up extra projects on the weekends such as baby-sitting and helping out at my old studios dance tryouts. i felt like i didn't have much of a summer vacation, but i enjoyed both of my jobs very much (working at GPP and the Salt Lake City Mosquito Abatement) and i can proudly walk away from the summer knowing that i did ABSOLUTELY everything i could and worked as hard as i could. i didn't miss out on a thing. :)

another one of my goals this summer was to get my body back to how it was before i left for college. college was quite the adjustment for me. i never had to worry about my weight or what i ate in high school. i mean obviously being a girl and being a dancer i was aware of my weight but i never thought "hmm if i eat these 5 cookies i might see it on the scale tomorrow." so, i had that same mind set going into college. yes, i was still pretty active - but not nearly as much as i was in high school, and lets just say my roomies LOVED treats. i mean who doesn't right?! but we had cake, cookies, ice cream, and brownies at least twice a week! and it wasn't just one brownie that i was 3 or 4. and well, the pounds started to stack. first semester i had it pretty under control but then second semester i lost it. i gained almost 10 pounds and i honestly wasn't happy. in fact, i was very unhappy. most people probably couldn't tell a difference but i definitely could. when i went home for the summer my co-worker and amazing trainer lizz could tell i was mentally and physically unhappy as well. yeah, i was still in pretty good shape - but i knew i wasn't in the best shape that i was capable of being in. i couldn't wait when the semester was over so that i could go back to GPP and work with the amazing trainers there. i was convinced that it would only take me 2-3 weeks to get it back. i was shocked when those 2-3 weeks went by and well...i wasn't back to what i wanted to be at! so, i had a nice sit down talk with my amazing boss and trainer, Neil Anderson. i told him what i wanted (which was to get back to my old weight and really tone up my body - my back/shoulders/legs) and what i was eating then i asked him to fix me. the first thing he told me was to try to lose the number. everyone has a specific weight burned into their minds as to what their ideal weight should be. whether it is realistic or not. i may be one of those people. but, neil knows exactly what he is talking about so i did my best to listen. i focused more on the toning part of my goal and i knew when i followed the outline of dieting that he gave me and continued to work out at GPP i would see the pounds drop but he just told me to get to a point where I FELT GOOD. where i PERFORMED WELL. and was continuing to STAY HEALTHY. i worked out almost everyday and cleaned up my eating habits. and now, i am proud to say that i feel great. yes, it took me a lot longer than i thought it would but i did it. i believe that this is the best shape that i have been in in my entire life. and let me tell you - i EARNED it. a lot of people will often look at me and just assume that i am small and don't have to work for the body that i have. but I DO. if i never worked out and always ate crap - believe me, i would be very overweight. i struggle just like everyone else.

by reaching this goal i am motivated to stay at the level of fitness i am - surpass it even! i feel more motivated to push myself in my workouts and make healthy eating habits because i like what i have and i want to keep it!

(sorry, i hate selfies but i was alone and didn't have a choice) i feel a little awkward putting this picture up but i want to be open on my blog. i want people to know that they can do it and see results if they work hard and really put their minds to it. but here are a few pics of my new toned back/shoulders that i am proud of. yes, i am flexing and i promise i don't look like a man - but yes, i am toned and i love it. some random kid told me the other day that he thought it was gross when girls are toned. well he can stick it - haha cause i like it.
thank you GPP!

another goal that i set over the summer was to have a better school year than i did last year. it was a year full of ups and a lot of downs and i really want to enjoy it more this year. i never thought that being a part of the spirit squad and aggiettes again would help with that but it has. i am absolutely loving it 100x more than last year, and training my team has made me seriously so happy. someone once told me that "happiness isn't an emotion - it is a choice" i couldn't agree more. i am going to make the best out of everything and CHOOSE to be happy. :)

today with my team i did a more fun workout called "a la carte'"

my legs and shoulders are sore this week so i thought some cartwheels and abs would be just what i needed. it was! the team loved it and they always seem to enjoy when we do abs. i am happy to please :)

jessie showing off his carwheeling skills

not bad caleb!

great form sadie - right infront of your eyes on those kettle bell swings :)

reach for those toes jordan!

tick tock tick tock

so you know how i said my legs were sore - kinda and understatement. they are REALLY sore! so today after practice i went on a slow 2 mile run trying to loosen them up a bit. it helped a little - but the best part was i found a perfect spot for my key when i go running.
how convenient! ;)

oh and campus was freaking gorgeous today. kept me motivated during my run. i really do love being an aggie. ♥

anyways, that's all i have for you tonight. i hope you all enjoyed this post, and maybe were inspired just a little bit. that is what i am working for. i would love to be inspired by your stories too.

what are some of your goals?

thanks for reading!

lil kate ♥

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


hey guys! i hope everyone is having a fabulous tuesday!

today has been great, because it was very productive for me!  i always feel better when i have had a organized and productive day. anyone else out there like that?

seriously people. i am like obsessed with my planner, and having a "to do" list. some people can get by without it, but for me - not at all! it keeps me on track.

here are just a few examples :)

my planner for the week. everything i have to do for aggiettes (games, pep rallys, etc.) are in blue pen. everything else is in black - then highlighted according to importance.

then of course my weekly "to do" list in the upper left hand corner. i love being able to check things off! like i said, kinda an organizational freak - i know.

i really would like to know if anyone else loves their planners like i do? i know most people do it on their phones now, but that doesn't quite do it for me. i am old fashioned - lets face it. :)
okay sorry, i am back on track now! 
so, i started my day off with practice. there is so much that we are having to cram in before the games start coming in! it was a great practice though, and we got a lot done :) 
EVERYONE'S legs are sore from yesterdays workout so today i decided to work the upstairs. 

i gave them "bomber". i think everyone like it well enough, but most of the girls on the team are afraid of "bulking up" so they don't lift or do pushups. so, their strength on this workout was definitely tested, and not everyone could do it. but, no problem! they gave it their best shot, and i couldn't even do one of these pushups the first time i did this workout. i have been there. i know what it is like.

as soon as practice was over i quickly went home to get ready. if i start out productive and doing things i usually stay like that until i stop for a few minutes. so, i didn't want to get out of my groove before i could actually get things done.

i rocked my new "U-State" shirt today and headed over to the Taggart Student Center to get some work done.

but of course, not before grabbing my fuel for the morning!

i haven't found a protein shake that i like better than this one! they have 30g of protein in them with only 1g of sugar and 160 calories. since they are pre-made they are even better and more convenient. and not to mention - DELICIOUS!

my morning and most of my afternoon consisted of working through the final bits and pieces of my ISSA personal training certification.  i am certified through GPP to do their workouts, but if i ever want to  train somewhere else i need a national certification. so, i have read through the whole book and done all 33 quizzes for it, and now i am just finishing up the 600 or so point test. 

now let me tell you - this book ain't small either! 681 pages baby!

since i had been staring at the computer for a good part of the morning i decided to take a break and go back to my apartment for some lunch.  i wasn't very hungry so i just cut up a delicious pear, had some triscuts and greek yogurt, and a plain whole wheat tortilla (the tortilla didn't make it in the picture before i ate it - whoops! haha)

i love triscuts and greek yogurt way too much - i know ;)

after lunch it was back to work at the TSC! i spent another couple of hours there working and people watching all the bug-eyed freshman and decided i could reward myself with a nap! yayee! it was a little longer than i wanted to but oh well!

i haven't been super hungry today so for dinner i just whipped up some steamed veggies and brown rice. wasn't exactly what i wanted but hey it works!

for the rest of the night i am heading back to Snow Hall to visit some of my freshman friends and my pretty cousin that just moved up to logan!

everyone have a fabulous night! 

lil kate

Monday, August 20, 2012


hello all! :)

so while i was at bear lake one of the guys on team requested that we do a workout that could help everyone with their "hops". it is really important for everyone on the team to be able to jump high. for the cheerleaders - tumbling and jumping into stunts; and aggiettes - leaping high and gracefully. 

as soon as he requested that i knew the exact workout that i wanted to do :)

"Hoppy Sumo" was my workout of choice - i had to modify it a little from the original workout since we don't have a place to do squat box jumps. so, instead i just had us do squat jumps. not the same but it will do :)

i can't help it - i love my little whiteboard :)

so, the idea of this workout is to start at 20 reps for both the high sumos and squat jumps. then you go onto 19 reps of each and so on and so forth until you reach 11. that is 155 reps of each! lets just say it is a great leg workout.  i usually feel it in my inner thighs(fabulous!) my glutes, and my quads. sometimes my lower back is a little sore as well from the high sumos - but i'll take it! :)

this one hit the team pretty hard but everyone came up to me afterwards to let me know how much they enjoyed it :) it made me happy.  its always nice to hear when a client or group that i train say that they enjoyed a workout. i know that working out isn't always enjoyable and isn't always what you want to do. so, when i hear that - i know that i am doing a good job, at my job. lets just say my job rocks :)

i even had a couple of my teammates come up to me and thank me because in just the short time they have been working out with me they can already tell a difference and are very excited about it.  it IS exciting! progress is what keeps people going and motivated. i am just happy to be a small part in their journey to becoming optimally fit. 

yes, i know the picture is blurry but no one would stay still because they didn't want a picture! haha but here is a few of the girls high sumo-ing it out! looking good with their elbows high :)

well that's all for now!  hope you all had a fabulous monday. :)

what is something that is rewarding to you about your job?

lil kate ♥

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back from the Great Bear Lake!

hello all! i am back!
these past couple of days were quite the adventure and i seriously had so much fun! so, i am just going to give you a quick overview of the trip and some highlights--enjoy!

okay, so our first day we all loaded up between a couple of mini vans and a mini bus. i got to ride the mini bus, and sat by my good friend sam. :) 

me and sam on the mini bus!

we got to the "usu bear lake training center" around 2 and then practiced/ learned a few new routines until 6 pm. lets just say we were all exhausted!  but, it did help that we were practicing on a huge deck overlooking the lake. it was a beautiful view.

see what i mean!

after practice we were all so tired and ready for some din din! i really did try to eat healthy during the trip, but then again i was on vacation and i am totally okay with splurging a little then.  it is important to find that balance, you know?  a little unhealthy eating is okay every once in awhile. it only becomes a real problem when your physicality is effected by it in a negative way.

here is what was for dinner the first night! lasagna (AMAZING btw), garlic bread, a tossed salad with lite dressing, and fruit salad.  i was seriously so hungry after practicing all day, and this meal tasted as if it was from the Gods!

that night we had a couple of get to know you games and then went over the contract and calender for the upcoming school year. it was very informative, but afterwards we were all ready for some raspberry shakes! oh my goodness those shakes were good! i don't know how i can seem to forget how amazing they are but i do, every time! i split a shake with my two besties Jordan and Sam. we got raspberry-peanut butter. yummmm.

day two started out with a great breakfast and then a 30 minute yoga session led by me, out on the grass. i have never led a yoga class before, but i have been to plenty myself and i did take it in high school so i remember a few moves and poses. it actually turned out much better than i thought it would and everyone really enjoyed it. it was the perfect temperature outside and the view was to die for!

see what i mean?! absolutely gorgeous!

after yoga we practiced a little more and then it was time for boating! i wasn't really thinking and didn't bring my phone or my camera so i don't have any pictures of us boating! i  promise i will get better! but, i did wake surf, and wakeboard for my first time ever and it was great! it was also quite the workout. i had a blast!

we got back later on friday and then saturday i had to be at the family fun day working the dunk tank! it was a fun afternoon and i can't tell you how many times those cute kiddies dunked me!

just waiting to get dunked! (and yes i know it looks like i have man shoulders, i promise i don't though! haha)

those of us that did the dunk tank...and big blue! :)

later saturday afternoon i went grocery shopping and found quite the prize :) a big bag of frozen california style veggies for just $6! whoot whoot!


after grocery shopping and the dunk tank i had a pep rally on saturday night for students in on campus housing. it went really well, and it felt great to be in front of a crowd again. i can't wait till games start up. i am really enjoying aggiettes a lot more the second time around. it is going to be a great year.

what did you do this weekend?

quick update on my cute cousin sam. she is doing better and has a little feeling in her toes and feet. miracles are happening everyday so please continue to keep her in your prayers.

thanks for reading! 
lil kate