Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Exercise is My Drug

happy hump day ya'll!
i hope everyone's week has been fabulous so far!

i got the topic for today's post "Exercise is My Drug" on monday - after having a terrible start to my day. 

monday morning at 8:25am I sat down in my anatomy class ready to begin my third test of the semester.  now, if any of you reading this post have heard about Andy Anderson's Anatomy class at Utah State, you know it is KILLER. like for reals. i studied my little butt off all week last week/weekend for this test. i walked through the doors feeling confident and prepared. i had definitely put in the time and effort. i started taking the test and about halfway through, it was all i could do to not start crying. seriously. tears were forming in my eyes. the test was SO hard. i felt like my 30+ hours spent studying had been for nothing. i finished the test and walked out of the doors of the biology building so frustrated, discouraged and upset. i pulled out my headphones and stormed off to the gym blasting rap music. i needed to blow off A LOT of steam. what better way to do so than a GPP workout of the day? in fact, the workout on monday happened to be one of my favorite workouts. lucky me :)

Jones'n for 40

2 rounds for time:
40 kb swings 25/35
40 squats 
40 OH db presses 15/20 
40 KB high sumo 35/54
40 tick tocks (20 per side)

Post time to comments.

i finished "Jones'n for 40" in just under 22 min. as soon as i finished my workout i had blown off some steam and i felt SO MUCH better than i had 22 minutes earlier. it was so great! 

i got home from the gym around noon and realized i hadn't eaten yet that day (i usually can't eat before tests because i get so nervous i want to throw up - i have issues, i know.) so, i fueled my body with a delicious brunch. 

strawberries with cottage cheese, and whole wheat bread with peanut butter. seriously so delicious, and a great post workout meal. it was actually kind of my pre workout fuel as well.

on mondays and wednesdays i have my zumba class that i take through the university. we recently got a new instructor and she is absolutely amazing! after my lunch i headed off to zumba. it was such a great way to blow off some left over frustration from the morning. i walked out of my zumba class with a huge smile on my face. i couldn't help it. i love to workout! i love the feeling that i get afterwards. exercise truly is my drug. the high i get afterwards is irreplaceable. i don't know what i would do if physically i wasn't able to work out. i would probably be an emotional wreck. actually - not probably. DEFINITELY.

after zumba i was yet to be done with my physical activities for the day. i had one final class in which we were going rock climbing. i usually get pretty nervous rock climbing whether is is real rock climbing or at an indoor climbing wall. i don't love heights. however, that was not the case on monday. i was fearless. i welcomed the adrenaline rush with open arms. i scaled walls that i would have never tried on a regular day. i couldn't get enough of it! the burn in my arms, shoulders, and legs felt great. so in other words, i love rock climbing. 

here is a pic of one of the rock walls!

after an hour of climbing i left the Rock Haus with a great attitude. i had received my score back from my test and it wasn't nearly as bad as i thought it was going to be. in fact, it wasn't bad at all. however - thank goodness i had the entire day clear my head through my physical activities. because without it, i would have been a mess the entire day. yes, the test was THAT bad. maybe i am dramatic, but those that have taken the class can relate.

anyways, hope you enjoy the post! have a great day everyone!

who else feels like exercise is their drug?
if so, what is your favorite form of exercise that you use to blow off steam and clear your head?

lil kate ♥

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break!

well hello again!
i am back from spring break and ready to start crunching for the end of the semester! yes, we still have like 6 weeks left - but if you think about it, it really isn't that long! finals will be here before i know it!

i'm going to give you a quick recap as to how my diet (mentioned in the post previously) and spring break went, but first i want to share something with my readers that just made my day!

so, i know i am not the best blogger and i don't post nearly as often as i should, but sometimes i just think "no one reads it anyways, i don't need to." well, this past week i was proven wrong. this was posted on instagram by my good friend Lexi from  .

dang, you can't really read it very well but it says "healthy habits started to day. thanks to katelyn murdock's blog."
here i am thinking that no body even reads my blog, but in fact - they were reading and actually being inspired! it was such a great feeling and gave me the motivation to post more. thanks to all my readers. i really love feedback like this - so awesome!

now - back to spring break ... in VEGAS!!! it was seriously so much fun. and the weeks prior to my vacation i was hitting the gym hard to get ready to put that swim suit on at the pool.
my exercising part of my plan went GREAT. everyday i did the GPP workout and at least an extra 30 min of cardio.
eating - i can honestly say i wasn't perfect. however, i did well and lost a few pounds in the process. i am pretty happy with the results, and was glad i buckled down before my trip.

the first day was a day full of driving! we left around 11:30am after practice and were driving till about 8:00pm las vegas time. our first night we just went out to dinner and came in fairly early. we ate at the "sugar factory" and let me tell you - it was delicious! i wish i could have gotten a picture of my food to share with you, but it was gone before i could even think about a picture! haha me and my friend mackenzie shared a hamburger and dessert. it was amazing. and so delicious.

here is the dinner group that went to sugar factory. i know, my friends are gorgeous!

day 2 started off with a morning workout and an hour at the pool. seriously so fabulous! it was 80 degree weather all week long and it was so so good to get some vitamin d!

the gym at my hotel was actually pretty nice and had lots of equipment for me to use. it was a perfect way to start my day - and burn off some of those calories from dinner!

terrible quality photo - my bad! but this basically summarized my gym time - an awesome view, and balancing on some balls! great times!

jealous yet? haha just kidding - but really though the sun was amazing!

after a relaxing morning it was time to go cheer on the girls basketball team in the first round of the WAC tournament! it was such a blast and the girls pulled through with a win! GO AGGIES!

that night after the game we went to a great little Italian restaurant called Maggiano's. it was DELISH! (again - sorry for no picture) we were all starving since most of us hadn't had time to eat since breakfast. i'm pretty sure we all downed the entire supply of bread that they had in the restaurant. the poor waitress just kept bringing baskets and baskets of bread out to us. haha then, my friend aubrie and i shared a chicken and truffle tortelloni - it was amazing. 
we ended the night with a little shopping and prepped for the next day.

day 3 was pretty free for all of us. we had dinner with Dr. Morales and his wife, and then a game boys basketball game later that night.
so, the day consisted of a long workout - the pool - and sadly for me, studying. i have a huge anatomy test coming up this next week so i had to study over the break. lame. i know.

dinner with Dr. Morales was at a buffet in the hotel and it was great. i didn't eat much dinner because i just kept thinking about the cheesecake that was being displayed in the dessert section (i LOVE cheesecake - in case you were wondering). as soon as i cleared my plate i headed to go grab the cheesecake i had been eye balling the entire night. and well, to my pleasant surprise it happened to be sugar free! now wait - i understand that some things should never be sugar free - and things that should never be sugar free tend to taste gross. this however, was an exception. it was so good. and i felt better about eating 2 pieces cause hey- it was sugar free! haha

seriously so yummy :)

after dinner was over, we all primped and touched up before heading to the men's game. sadly the guys lost in the first round but it ended up being a good game. i was glad i got to dance at one more game before the year ended.

 hey - thats me!

day 4 we had a women's game pretty early. the women lost in a devastating last minute fumble and i was done cheering for the year. kind of a relief to be done, but kind of sad at the same time.
for me, the rest of the day was a lot of relaxing and studying.
that night was our last night in Vegas so we went out to eat at Serendipity's (so yummy) and went on the New York, New York roller coaster. 

also a bad pic - gotta get better at that! but anyways, here is the group that ate at serendipity's on the last night

outside the New York, New York! such a fun rollar coaster!

oh and i almost forgot! we got to go to m&m world that night as well - so many to choose from!

we headed home saturday morning after the most heart warming service project i have participated in as an Aggiette. we went and performed at a women's shelter for the women and children. the kids absolutely loved it and we let them cheer with our pom poms and stunt with the guys. it was so awesome to see their sweet faces light up. i even got a little teary - eyed throughout the short time that we were there. i can't wait to go back next year. ♥

the bus ride home wasn't bad and i was able to be dropped off early so that i could go home for the last day and a half of my spring break. i was so excited to see my family and my cute andrew on his birthday! it was such a perfect way to end my break.

now, i am about to hit the gym and the books! summer is coming (is the middle of march too soon to say that? - nahh i don't think so!) and i am ready to finish out these last 6 weeks strong. 

have a fabulous monday!

lil kate ♥