Friday, June 29, 2012

A Simple Thank You

"thank you". you probably hear and say this phrase many times throughout your day.  i too, say thank you and hear thank you everyday. but, yesterday i had three specific "thank you's" said to me that really made my day, and made me feel like i was actually helping and reaching people.  it made me feel like i will be good at this whole training thing, and knowing that you can be good at your passion to help people is an amazing feeling.
thank you #1 came at around 8am.  it was by one of my old drill teammates and she had come to the 5:45am workout that day to meet her friend. well, the friend that she was supposed to meet for the workout didn't show and so she was planning on just going home.  but, i convinced her to just stay and do the workout.  she texted me a few hours later and said "I'm glad you talked me into staying cause I feel awesome! thank you!"  that was such a simple text, but i was so happy when i received it because i felt like i helped her just a tiny bit to get a great start to her day. simple but rewarding :)
thank you #2 came later in the day at the 5:45pm class. i was helping train it and i just said "come on jacki you got this!" to one of the women in the class. afterwards she came up to me and said, "thank you so much for cheering me on - it came at just the right moment and really helped".  YES! i had helped her! i just felt so good and i couldn't have been more sure at that moment that i was in the right field of work and i really knew that i was doing what i loved to do. amazing feeling.
thank you #3 was similar to #2 but this time i wasn't training - i was working out WITH them. this woman's name is ali and she is newer to our gym. anyways, i had worked out with ali on both monday and yesterday (thursday). throughout the two workouts that i shared with her i had just said "awesome job ali! you got this!" i honestly didn't think twice about it after i said it. well, after the workout yesterday ali came up to me and said "kate, thanks so much for saying that during the workouts. it was exactly what i needed, this week has been rough for me and i have almost given up so many times but you have really helped me to keep pushing. so, thank you." once again, hearing this was like the best thing ever. it made me so happy :)

now, i am not sharing this to brag or boast about being such an awesome motivator or anything like that. i am sharing this simply because it inspired me to continue with what i am doing and to continue to try to help people. i love the people i interact with everyday and they inspire me more than any of them realize. 
well, that's my inspiration for the week! thanks for reading :)
i would love to hear what has inspired you this week - post in the comments :)

lil kate

Monday, June 25, 2012

Workout of the Day!

so for today's workout at gpp it was called "clean, switch, burp".  lets just say when there is the word "burp" in any part of the workout you know it is going to be rough.  and let me tell you, this one was! the reason why the burp is so bad, is because it means burpee! look here to see what a burpee looks like if you don't know already! but here's the thing, i secretly like burpee workouts because i know i am working my entire body - literally.  i know... i am crazy right?! but there is such a satisfying feeling when i know i have completed a hard workout out and i feel such a sense of accomplishment. today i got lucky and was able to workout with my two favorite people, my awesome dad and brother :) 

here is a picture of us storming it together - demonstrating the plate cleans and my little burpee kissed knees!

i was very proud of my dad and brother marcus because they just didn't give up! they hit every rep, every round and had great form. they have come so far in the past 6-7 months and their transformations are amazing. gpp WORKS. try it for yourself. even if you can't come to the gym directly, go to the website (here) and do it on your own. you will see your body transform in just weeks. and before you know it you will be hooked!

well there is my schpeel for the day! i hope you enjoyed and i hope you can tell how much i love my gym! :)

lil kate