Monday, February 25, 2013

Crunch time!

happy monday everyone!

as the title clearly states - its crunch time for me! spring break is just two short weeks away. and you all know what that means - swimsuit time! i am especially excited for my spring break plans this year because i will be spending my time at the WAC basketball tournament in Las Vegas with the Spirit Squad! awesome right?! i am super excited and ready for the break from classes - but mostly just a break from logan and the freezing cold.

the winter months of january and february are never kind months to me. it is freezing cold in logan and my body thinks it needs a little more adipose tissue (fat tissue) than normal. which - it doesn't! a big puffy coat will get the job done just fine! (im going to start throwing in some terms i am learning in anatomy - it helps me remember it all!) so, during these months it is a much bigger battle to keep the pounds off. but, by recognizing that these months are hard for me i can fight back with a good diet and a daily workout.

before i head to vegas for spring break i am planning on hitting the gym at least 5x a week (which i usually do, but there is definitely a few days missed here and there) and following a strict diet to help me get ready and feel more confident about slipping on the swim suit. (no, i am not trying to lose a lot of weight, because i know that i don't need to. but, i do want to drop just a few pounds and lean up a bit in the next few weeks.)

at the gym i will be doing the daily GPP workout and an extra 30 minutes of cardio. my cardio will probably be done on the elliptical because my IT band doesn't seem to want to let me run yet.
for my diet, i plan on staying between 1200-1400 calories.  no sweets and no eating out. (i have gotten bad at this lately - i just can't resist the cadbury mini eggs that call out my name whenever i go to the grocery store!)  also, i need to cut back on my carbohydrates (not veggies or fruits - but breads, pastas and rice) i have learned that for me personally by cutting back on those kinds of carbohydrates my body loses its "pudge" around my waist much faster. everyone needs to be able to tune into their bodies as well, and discover what affects their body the most, and then learn the most efficient way to help their body fix it. this may take a little trial and error, but will definitely pay off in the end.

i am excited to get started and these next few weeks will be hard - but i am ready for the challenge! 

what are your plans for spring break?

anyone else struggle during the dreary months of January and February?

have a fabulous monday!
lil kate ♥

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

i'm back!

well, here i am! i am back! i know, i am a terrible blogger. i really do try, but sometimes i am just not sure what to write. i want this blog to be inspirational to people. i want it to help people. so, i don't always feel like i have something profound to write about - but then again, not writing at all doesn't exactly help much either. so, my apologies. i will try to be better at writing - and i know, i know i always say that but i really am going to try. :)

today i want to talk about earning your body. everyone wants to have a healthy and fit body - but we don't want to work for it.  we all want to see the number on the scale go down or the pants to fit a little bit better without eating right or going to the gym. unfortunately that's not how it works. we have to earn every pound lost. i myself am guilty of this lazy state of mind - just wanting to be healthy without eating right or working out. not good. it is something that we have to snap out of. i wish i could give you an instant remedy for it and have it be problem fixed! but again, that is not how it works - and for some, it will be a constant battle. 
however, i believe that there are a few ways to make "snapping out of it" a little easier: 

1 - find something in working out that you love. for me, it is GPP.  find whatever program works for you - but make sure it is balanced. if you ask me - GPP is the best program around and i am sure that you will love it, so try visiting the website here first :) 
2- try new HEALTHY recipes! it is always fun to try new things and explore all sorts of good food. if you find delicious recipes that are good for you, why would you want to go back to eating junk food anyways?!
3- finally - FIND A WORKOUT BUDDY! it is always easier to wake up early to get your butt to the gym if someone is picking you up or if you need to pick someone else up. it is a great support system and makes things fun. try it! 

everyone has slip ups and days that they don't want to put forth the effort - but the important thing is to not let it become a habit. we all deserve to reach our health and fitness goals and have the body of our dreams. but, like all good things it takes hard work and dedication. we can do it. 

well, happy hump day ya'll and i hope everyone has a wonderful valentine's day tomorrow with all your loved ones! 

lil kate ♥

oh and p.s. - hope you like the new look on the blog. it actually happened by accident and i am not sure that i love it yet - but, its growing on me