Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Pride and Joy

yeah, yeah, yeah --- i know i haven't blogged in like, hmmm 2 months? but, i am not going to apologize for it! i have been busy and truly not in the mood to blog. but, today i sat down at the computer and was ready to blog again. so, i hope you are all ready to read again!

this summer has gone by wayyy too fast so far. i am loving both of my jobs so much! i am currently working at the Salt Lake City Mosquito Abatement for the second year, and i am now on the bike team there. it is so great! i basically just get to bike around salt lake city all day, everyday! jealous yet? i am also still working at GPP (my love, and my life) as a trainer and at the front desk. i am truly so happy!

this is a typical day at the mosquito abatement. top left picture is a route, top middle my badge, and bottom left is my bike.

i get a little alone time at the gym every once in awhile in between jobs. nothing like a little workout before training other people. seriously love my job!

i have also been doing lots of hiking this summer! last weekend i got to go to moab with my bike team friends and my bestie, whitty kitty. :) we had so much fun! 

this is me and whitty kitty at the top of our hike in moab. it was so much fun!

andrew and i have also been hiking and exploring this summer. this is at the top of the mountain above our houses. it was such an incredible view!

now, for the real excitement of my summer! not that any of the things that i have blogged about already wasn't exciting, but this next thing has truly been my pride and joy this summer.

it all started when my best friend Ali, left on her mission. she requested that i make her a small workout book to take with her on her mission. trainer kate immediately came out and i was up for the challenge!

 this is ali and i on her last night. so sad to see her leave, but so proud of her at the same time!

anyways, i put together a small book for her. it had about 31 workouts in it and i knew she would be religious with her daily workouts.

this is what the first draft of the book looked like, and it is also the one that i gave ali.

well, after i put this picture on facebook and instagram i got multiple requests from other people, also wanting the missionary workouts. i was shocked at how many people wanted it! so, inspired by my boss, ali and her mom anne i decided that i was going to attempt to get it published through deseret book!

many hours of improved programming, picture taking, and putting together an improved version of the book i sent it off last week to get edited before being sent into the publishers!

this was during the editing process. lots and lots of work! but, with fitness being my passion, it was work that i was more that happy to take part in. i also decided to put small quotes/scriptures about health and fitness at the bottom of every page to try and help motivate the missionaries to workout every day.

after being sent to an editor, a few ladies in my home ward wanted a copy to send to their girls on their missions. i was a little flustered at the idea, simply because i am not tech savvy in the least bit. which is a large reason as to why i want to get it published-- so that i don't have to do the pictures or layout of the book. but, anyways -- i put together a book and gave it to them. it isn't perfect, but it is a start. :)

and well, here it is! i decided to rename it "without strength, you have none to give" because i think it is so catchy! it is a quote that my inspiring boss Neil Anderson came up with. (wish i could take the credit with that one, but i can't!)

the quote is just so self explanatory and seemed to fit the purpose of my workout book completely. i am so excited for what is to come with this book. i hope that one day soon, missionaries across the world will be more motivated to use their 30min of workout time to obtain optimal health and fitness, and be able to maximize their time as missionaries.

what have you been up to this summer?

lil kate <3