Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back To School!

well, hey.... I'm back AGAIN.
long time no write! its been a crazy little while for me, but i am excited to update the blog a bit :)

i have officially begun my junior year at Utah state! looking back at it now it doesn't seem like a very long journey, but when i am in the feels like ages. i am super excited for this semester though, because my classes are BOMB. i am taking exercise physiology, human physiology, mental aspects of sports performance, family finance and advanced jazz technique (dance). they are all so awesome, and are going to be so helpful to me and my future career.  i used to think that i could get by being a good trainer without having a degree...well now my view has changed. i am not saying that trainers that don't have degrees aren't great at what they do, i am simply saying that i myself am such a better trainer with the schooling that i already have under my belt. i think differently as a trainer and i assess people differently. i know that by having this degree i will be able to better help my future clients. it is a great feeling ☺

for the first time ever, i think i might like school!

here are a few of the interesting books that i have for my classes! time to buckle down!
also since moving back to logan i have been SO lazy with my eating! i have been eating fairly well (minus the double stuff oreos...) haha but i just haven't really been in the mood to cook. however.... i was in the mood, ONCE. and this i what i made!

it was a fairly simple dish, and extremely filling!
here is what it is...if you cant already tell ;)
- 1 sautéed zucchini topped with salt and pepper (to taste)
- one cob of corn (is that how you would say it?? haha) with a little bit of butter, salt and pepper.
- one piece of grilled chicken with a little BBQ sauce.
like i said, i haven't been in the mood to cook but i have been doing my best to eat healthy! on the first day of school the roommates wanted to go out to breakfast together to start the day off right. we decided on a cute little diner called "Herms". its pretty popular in logan and it is known for its super large pancakes! however, since this was going to be my pre workout fuel - i didn't think a pancake would be the best idea. so instead, i just ordered two sides.

as you can see, i ordered a side of cottage cheese and a side of fruit! the fruit was super fresh, and the cottage cheese was really filling. it was the perfect way to fuel me through my GPP workout and for the first day of classes.

now finally, my workouts! i have been diligently following the daily workouts at GPP. i have said this a million times before, and i will say it a million times again. GPP LOOKS GOOD ON! GPP works! it is the best programming out there, and it works. i will swear by it time and time again.
here is my proof. without GPP there is no way i would look the way i do today. thank you GPP!
i do wish i could be storming the workouts back in Centerville with my GPPeeps, but the field house and Gold's gym will just have to do for now!
i apologize for the random post, but i hope you enjoyed!
push yourself to work harder in the gym this week and fight off those food temptations!
lil kate ❤