Wednesday, January 16, 2013


hello everyone! 
wow, what a crazy weekend it was for me and this week has seemed to fly. i can't believe it is already wednesday.
so, this weekend i got myself in a bit of a bind. my poor laptap fell off my bed and then decided not to work. after an hour and a half on the phone with the dell customer service line being transferred a 100 times i finally got help from my awesome friend jordan. he had it fixed in two days and now i have a computer again! only problem was, everything that was on it before = GONE. pictures, videos, assignments/papers...everything! not fun, but at least i still have a computer, right?! always looking on the positive side :) so now - i can get back to blogging! 

today has been great! i got to sleep in because i didn't have practice, which is always a great way to start off my day :) after my anatomy class (which i love by the way! :)) i got my gym time in... well sorta. i got all the way to the field house only to find that i didn't have my student i.d. to let me in. so, i just had to make due at my home gym!

welcome to GPP...lil kate at pink house #5 style :)

the workout of the day at GPP was "Winter Lemons" but, since i couldn't run indoors at the field house there was no way that i was going to run outside. it is wayyy too cold here in logan! so, i decided to do a different workout that was more "at home" friendly. my choice was "burper" - one we did not too long ago at GPP.

instead of aussie pullups i subbed in bent rows. a heavy breather for sure, but it felt so good to sweat!
(thanks to bodyofamother for the pic!)

after my workout i fueled up with one of my all time favorite breakfasts. a banana and a premier protein shake. i used to be a vanilla protein shake kind of girl but now i can't even drink the vanilla!  so, chocolate it is and let me tell you, it is delicious! :) such a great way to start my day and keep my energy up through all my classes.

if you haven't tried premier protein i definitely recommend it! 30g of protein, 160 calories, and 1g of sugar. it doesn't get much better than that! you can find it at costco or sams club.

now for the exciting part :) today, i had my zumba class that i am taking through the university. can i just say, i love zumba?! it is so great and i really enjoy it. however, i was surprised at the number of overweight people in my class. i mean, i am a personal trainer and an American for heavens sake so i know that the obesity rates are extremely high in the United States. yet, i was still surprised. i shouldn't have been, but i was. there are so many people out there - of all ages that need help getting healthy and allowing themselves to live a happier life. i am a firm believer in the fact that someone can't be 100% completely happy if they are overweight. they might think they are, but they don't know what it is like to be a really healthy person and to do things that they might not be able to do at their current weight. i want to be able to help these people discover a new kind of happiness so badly! this is why i love my career choice so much, because i know i can help. i want to make a difference! now, with that, while i was dancing my heart out to Nicki Minaj in zumba i decided that i want to get zumba certified! not sure exactly when (i am assuming over the summer) but i definitely want to do it. i love fitness, and i love dancing - so what better way to take advantage of my talents! 

i'm super excited for what zumba can bring to me, and what i can bring to others through zumba!

have a fabulous night!

lil kate ♥

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back to the Grind!

happy hump day everyone!

this week has already been super busy and crazy for me. i absolutely LOVE all my classes, but they are killer!  i am taking a human anatomy class that is known around campus for being the hardest class anyone will ever take. and let me tell you, its day three and i am already overwhelmed. funny thing is - my boss at GPP, Neil Anderson took the exact same anatomy class as me, with the exact same teacher as me, here at Utah State when he was here! he still remembers the difficult "two-door" exam questions that my professor Andy Anderson is famous for.  however, Neil did say that he still remembers so much from the class and that it has been very helpful for him throughout his training career. so, i am going to try to get the most out of the class because i know it will make me a better trainer. :)

today was a pretty simple workout that i enjoyed quite a bit - minus the fact that it was super crowded at the field house! the workout was for time, but since it was so crowded it was too hard to time it. annnddd not to mention the multiple questions i got when i did my kipping pullups. 

sooo crowded - except you can't really tell in this picture haha

after a solid 4 hours of studying anatomy and a test earlier in the day, my workout was exactly what i needed. my brain needed a break! working out it is my favorite way to clear my mind a release all the stress that comes from school.

coming back up to school and leaving the comfort of being able to workout at GPP i have realized how careful i have to be to set a time to go to the gym and workout. it is so easy to get caught up with the college life and "not get around" to going to the gym. but, i have set a time to go everyday and i plan on being very diligent in going.  at GPP we have writing on the walls and Neil had me write this quote on the wall that has really seemed to apply to my life this week. 
"If it means something to you, you'll find a way.  If it doesn't, you'll find an excuse."

***I won't have an excuse. You shouldn't either.***

lil kate ♥

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Me

as i look back on 2012 i am overwhelmed with the many amazing opportunities that i had, and all that i accomplished.  i am sometimes discouraged when i see other people succeeding or doing amazing things with their lives because i feel as if i am not up to par with them. but, looking back i am realizing that i have done a lot to be proud of.  no, it wasn't all fun and games - there were a lot of trials but it was all very worth it and i learned SO much. i am looking forward to 2013 and all that i hope to accomplish throughout this year.

i have decided that i want to make a few lists (we all know i love lists! ;)) about what i have accomplished in the past year that i am proud of, and a few resolutions (or not so few) that i have for this upcoming year.

2012 accomplishments:

  1. became a certified personal trainer through ISSA and attended a fitness conference through ISSA in Orlando, Florida.
  2. survived my first year of college and living away from home
  3. became a member of the Utah State Spirit Squad again
  4. worked my little fanny off all summer at the mosquito abatement and at GPP
  5. hit my goal weight
  6. started a fitness blog
  7. got my first string of double unders
  8. became the trainer for the Utah State Spirit Squad
  9. made tons of new friends
  10. overcame trials that at the time seemed impossible
2013 goals:

health/fitness related:
  1. maintain goal weight
  2. be able to do strict pullups
  3. participate in a race of my choice (ex - tough mudder, half marathon, dirty dash..)
education related:
  1. better grades
  2. stay on track to finish up my schooling by next summer
  3. take every opportunity to continue to learn more and more about health and fitness
  1. love myself
  2. don't worry about the little things
  3. always remember how blessed i am to have so many amazing opportunities.
  4. blog twice a week!
  5. become the best personal trainer i can be :)
i hope to be able to better myself this year and take every opportunity i am given to learn. i am not a huge fan of the school part of college and i often complain, but all in all i am very grateful to have to opportunity to get a good education from Utah State.

so, here's to the new year! 

what are some of your goals for 2013? what makes you proud from 2012?

lil kate ♥